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Fractal Explorer Sierpinski triangle. The Sierpinski triangle fractal was first introduced in 1915 by Wacław Sierpiński.But similar patterns already appeard in the 13th-century in some cathedrals. Fractals for Dummies. Fractals are stunning. You may have seen one of these videos of a structure within a structure within a structure, on a seemingly infinite series. Beyond their amazing aesthetics and their hypnotic repetition effect, fractals are especially interesting because they seem to show that you can have an infinite number of levels, or scales, or iterations, within a limited ... Complex numbers contain a “real” part and an “imaginary” part. The real part is either positive or negative (or zero), and the imaginary part is the square-root of a negative number. By convention, the real part of the complex number (RE[c]) is the x-coordinate of the point, and the imaginary part (IM[c]) is the y-coordinate. So, every complex number is represented as a point on a ... One of the earliest applications of fractals came about well before the term was even used. Lewis Fry Richardson was an English mathematician in the early 20th century studying the length of the English coastline. He reasoned that the length of a coastline depends on the length of the measurement tool. Measure with a yardstick, you get one number, but measure with a more detailed foot-long ... It has been theorized that pivots, fibs, Brns etc are merely arbitrary imaginary lines that hold no real significance. That you could draw a series of any lines on the chart and your brain would see the interaction of them to price and try to make a pattern out of it. Its what the brain does best. This is why we see animal shapes in clouds, faces on mars rocks, and jesus christ on our grilled ... The calculation of alligator for a forex alligator strategy is rather simple, but may seem somehow sophisticated, as it includes the estimation of three SMA indicators at 5, 8 and 13 periods represented by Fibonacci numbers. Auxiliary SMAs are also introduced decelerating indicator turns. Indicator Alligator calculation technique Letters A, B, and C are used instead of numbers to track the correction. Waves 1, 3 and 5, are made up of a smaller 5-wave impulse pattern while Waves 2 and 4 are made up of smaller 3-wave corrective pattern. There are 21 types of corrective patterns but they are just made up of three very simple, easy-to-understand formations.

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Procedural Terrain with Fractals

How to Use Harmonic Patterns in Forex PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MO... Sharing what I consider valuable visual & audible information for you & your higher Self original frequencies still used in ancient chants for healing and dna activation. Satanama. Deepest Mandelbrot Set Zoom Animation ever - a New Record! 10^275 (2.1E275 or 2^915) - Duration: 5:12. Orson Wang Recommended for you Here I show off a Mandelbrot fractal generating tool I built in my student version of LabVIEW. I used this program to quickly determine what I wanted to anim... Bill Williams Fractals Automated Forex Software AI (Automated Intelligence) is the way of things today & the future. AI is being used all around you. Now you have a chance to use it to your ... The midpoint displacement fractal recursion was applied to the vertices of a 512 by 512 mesh. Some texture blending using a blend map and colour interpolatio... This channel is dedicated to teaching people about fractal math. I will show you how pretty pictures of mandelbrot set / julia sets are generated. Perhaps yo...