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The truth about Ofshore forex broker

Hi, I had some people tell me thing about offshore broker and I just want to confirm if that true or not
So, apparently offshore Forex broker have an algorithm that take the opposite trade of theirs clients. When the client take a buy order, the broker take a sell order, when the client close the buy order, broker close the sell order. Knowing that more than 95% of Trader loose theirs money on the long term, offshore broker earn a lot of money just by doing that, and that why they don't care about giving clients small commission and small spread, because theirs get rich just by taking opposite trade.
Is it make sens? thank you
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Immediate Aftermath : The more data we collect and analyze, the clearer the picture becomes.

This is the updated first part of the list that has recorded the notable events as the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. [2nd Part] ― The LINKS to events and sources are placed throughout the timeline.
The More Data We Collect and Analyze, the Clearer the Picture Becomes.
Someone threw a stone in a pond a long way away. And we're only just feeling the ripples. — Fukuhara from Giri/Haji, Netflix series
On Jan 30, Italian PM announced that Italy had blocked all flights to and from China. While Italy has banned people from air-travelling to China, however according to IATA data, there's no measurement implemented for air-travellers from China into Italy till the Mar 07. Especially for Chinese people who have EU passports.
On Jan 31, the US announced the category-I travel restrictions, barring all foreigners who have been in China for the past 14 days, with measures including the refusal of visas and mandatory quarantine.
• "Because the US focused on China and didn't expect the infected people's entry from Europe and the Middle East, the Maginot Line was breached from behind. And so little of credible data at the beginning made the US government to miscalculate its strategic response to the virus." — Dr. Zhang Lun, currently a visiting scholar at Harvard (economics & sociology), during the interview with ICPC on Mar 29.
Also on Jan 31, the WHO changed its tune and declared the coronavirus outbreak a Global Public Health Emergency of international concern (PHEIC).
Decisions on a PHEIC always involve politics .... West African countries discouraged a declaration in 2014 after they were hit by the largest Ebola virus outbreak on record, mainly because of concern about the economic impact.
On Feb 02, regarding the US category-I travel restrictions, Kamala Harris, the former Democratic presidential candidate, declared on Twitter:
Since 2017, Trump’s travel bans have never been rooted in national security—they’re about discriminating against people of color. They are, without a doubt, rooted in anti-immigrant, white supremacist ideologies. This travel ban is no different.
On Feb 03, criticizing Trump for his travel restrictions continues. Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying (华春莹), a Peking University professors James Liang (梁建章), New York Times, the Nation, OBSERVER, the Boston Globe, Yahoo, and Daily Kos were saying,
it's a "panicky" decision and "racist" or it's "cruel and callous," he's stoking fear for political gains, and the president is "inappropriately overreacting." And professors Liang even said the US ban "will hurt goodwill and cooperation [with China] in the future." [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]
Also on Feb 03, Mr. Tedros of the WHO said there's no need for travel ban measure that "unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade" trying to halt the spread of the virus.
China's delegate took the floor ... and denounced measures by "some countries" that have denied entry to people holding passports issued in Hubei province - at the centre of the outbreak - and to deny visas and cancel flights.
Also on Feb 03, China is expected to gradually implement a larger stimulus packages (in total) than a USD $572 billion from 2008. — We'd never find out but my guess is that the fund will probably go to Shanghai clique.
On Feb 04, The FDA has given emergency authorization to a new test kit by the CDC that promises to help public health labs meet a potential surge in cases.
The speed ... pushing through a new diagnostic test shows just how seriously they’re taking the potentially pandemic threat of 2019-nCoV. It’s also a sign that the world is starting to learn how to deal with an onslaught of new pathogens.
Also on Feb 04, the Wuhan Institute of Virology and China's Academy of Military Medical Sciences (AMMS, Chief Chen Wei belongs to) have jointly applied to patent the use of Remdesivir. Scientists from both institutes said in a paper published in Nature’s Cell Research that they found both Remdesivir and Chloroquine to be an effective way to inhibit the coronavirus.
On Feb 06, Jamestown Foundation, a Washington-based research & analysis unit, noted that with State Council of PRC praising his performance of containing the pandemic situation, the council expanded Li Keqiang's political control over Politburo Standing Committee of CCP. (Li Keqiang = Communist Youth League = Shanghai clique)
Also, on Feb 06, as the US evacuation planes leave China, the wave of the US evacuees have arrived who are met by the CDC personnel at the quarantine sites for screening, and those who were suspected of infection will be placed under quarantine for 14 days.
Also, on Feb 06, a CDC-developed lab test kit to detect the new coronavirus began shipping to qualified US laboratories and international ones. — However, on Feb 12, the CDC said some of the testing kits have flaws and do not work properly. The CDC finally ended up shipping the working test kits for mass testings on Feb 27. This was three weeks later than originally planned.
On Feb 07, China National Petroleum has recently declared Force Majeure on gas imports. They are trying to create a breathing room for their foreign exchange reserves shortage. China's foreign exchange reserves fell to mere USD $3.1 trillion in Oct. 2019.
On the same day, Bloomberg reported that PetroChina has directed employees in 20 countries to buy N95 face masks and send them home in China. The goal is to get 2 million masks shipped back. You can also find YouTube videos that show Overseas Chinese are scouring the masks at the Home Depot to ship them to China (the video in Korean). Also Chris Smith is pissed.
On Feb 09, Trump renews his national emergency on its southern border, and Elizabeth Goitein from the Brennan Center for Justice, published an opinion article on New York Times titled "Trump Has Abused This Power. And He Will Again if He’s Not Stopped."
On Feb 10, Dr. Tedros said that an advance three-person team of the WHO arrived in Beijing for a joint mission to discuss with Chinese officials the agenda and questions. Then, the joint mission of about 10 international experts will soon follow, he said. — Those WHO experts ended up visiting Chinese epicentre for the first time on Feb 24.
On Feb 12, the US targets Russian oil company for helping Venezuela skirt sanctions. The US admin seemingly tried to secure leverage against Russia after noticing something suspicious was up.
On the same day, Trump told Reuters "I hope this outbreak or this event (for the US) may be over in something like April." — Dr. Zhong Nanshan (钟南山), China's top tier SARS-hero doctor, also said "the peak of the virus (for China) should come in mid to late February, followed by a plateau or decrease," adding that his forecast was based on on mathematical modelling and data from recent events and government action.
On Feb 13, Tom Frieden who is a former US CDC chief and currently the head of public health nonprofit Resolve to Save Lives, said:
As countries are trying to develop their own control strategies, they are looking for evidence of whether the situation in China is getting worse or better. [But] We still don't have very basic information. [since the WHO just entered China] We hope that information will be coming out.
On the same day, the CDC reports that the 15th case in the US was confirmed. The patient was a part of group who were under a federal quarantine order at the JBSA-Lackland base because of a recent trip to Hubei Province, China.
By Feb 13, China hasn't accepted the US CDC's offer to send top experts, and they haven't released the "disaggregated" data (specific figures broken out from the overall numbers) even though repeatedly been asked.
On Feb 14, CCP's United Front posted an article on its official website, saying (Eng. text by Google Translation):
Fast! There is no time difference to raise urgently needed materials! Some Overseas Chinese have used their professions in the field of medicine in order to purchase relevant materials Hubei province in short of supply (to send them to China). .... Some Overseas Chinese took advantage of the connection resources, opened green transportation channels through our embassies and consulates abroad, and their related enterprises, and quickly sent large quantities of medical supplies (to China), making this love relay link and cooperation seamless.
On Feb 18, Reuters reports that 3M is on the list of firms eligible for China loans to ease coronavirus crisis.
There is no indication from the list that loans offered will necessarily be sought, or that such firms are in any financial need. The Bank of Shanghai told Reuters it will lend 5.5 billion yuan ($786 million) to 57 firms on its list.
On Feb 21, Xi Jinping writes a thank-you letter to Bill Gates for his foundation’s support to China regarding COVID-19 outbreak.
On Feb 24, China was rumoured on Twitter to delay the phase one trade deal implementation indefinitely which includes the increase of China's purchasing American products & services by at least $200 billion over the next two years.
Also on Feb 24, S&P 500 Index started to drop. Opened with 3225.9 and closed 3128.2. By the Mar 23, it dropped to 2208.9.
Also on Feb 24, China's National Health Commission says the WHO experts have visited Wuhan city for the first time, the locked-down central Chinese city at the epicentre, inspecting two hospitals and a makeshift one at a sports centre.
On Feb 26, IF the picture that has been circulated on Twitter were real, then chief Chen Wei and her team have developed the first batch of COVID-19 vaccine within time frame of a month.
On the same day, the CDC's latest figures displays 59 people in the US who have tested positive for COVID-19.
Also on Feb 26, the Washington Post published an article that says:
.... the WHO said it has repeatedly asked Chinese officials for "disaggregated" data — meaning specific figures broken out from the overall numbers — that could shed light on hospital transmission and help assess the level of risk front-line workers face. "We received disaggregated information at intervals, though not details about health care workers," said Tarik Jasarevic of the WHO. — The comment, in an email on Feb 22 to the Post, was one of the first instances that the WHO had directly addressed shortcomings in China's reporting or handling of the coronavirus crisis.
On Feb 27, after missteps, the CDC says its test kit is ready and the US started to expand testing.
On Feb 28, China transferred more than 80,000 Uighurs to factories used by global brands such as Apple, Nike, & Volkswagen & among others.
Also on Feb 28, the WHO published the official report of the WHO-China joint mission on coronavirus disease 2019. (PDF)
On Feb 29, quoting Caixin media's investigation published on the same day, Lianhe Zaobao, the largest Singapore-based Chinese-language newspaper, published an article reporting the following:
Dr. Li Wenliang said in the interview with Caixin media; [in Dec 2019] another doctor (later turned out to be Dr. Ai Fen) examined and tried to treat a patient who exhibited SARS-like symptoms which akin to influenza resistant to conventional treatment methods. And "the family members who took care of her (the patient) that night also had a fever, and her other daughter also had a fever. This is obviously from person to person" Dr. Li said in the interview."
On Mar 01, China's State Council super tighten up their already draconian internet law.
On the same day, Princelings published an propaganda called "A Battle Against Epidemic: China Combating COVID-19 in 2020" which compiles numerous state media accounts on the heroic leadership of Xi Jinping, the vital role of the Communist Party, and the superiority of the Chinese system in fighting the virus.
Starting on Mar 03, the US Fed has taken two significant measures to provide monetary stimulus. It's going to be no use as if a group of people with serious means are manipulating the markets to make sure MM will have liquidity concerns when they need it most.
On Mar 04, Xinhua News, China's official state-run press agency posted an article "Be bold: the world should thank China" which states that
If China retaliates against the US at this time, it will also announce strategic control over medical products, and ban exports of said products to the US. ... If China declares today that its drugs are for domestic use only, the US will fall into the hell of new coronavirus epidemic.
On Mar 05, Shanghai Index has recovered the coronavirus loss almost completely.
On Mar 07, Saudi's Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and Muhammad bin Nayef were arrested on the claims of plotting to overthrow King Salman. — Ahmed bin Abdulaziz is known to have very tight investment-interest relationship with Bill Gates, Bill Browder, Blackstone, & BlackRock: One common factor that connects these people is China.
On Mar 08, the Russia–Saudi oil price war has begun. The ostensible reason was simple: China, the biggest importer of oil from Saudi and Russia, was turning back tankers while claiming that the outbreak forced its economy to a standstill.
On Mar 10, the Washington Post published the article saying that the trade group for manufacturers of personal protective equipment urged in 2009 "immediate action" to restock the national stockpile including N95 masks, but it hasn't been replenished since.
On Mar 11, the gentleman at the WHO declares the coronavirus outbreak a "Global Pandemic." He called on governments to change the course of the outbreak by taking "urgent and aggressive action." This was a full twelve days after the organization published the official report regarding the situation in China.
On Mar 13, the US admin declared a National Emergency and announced the plan to release $50 billion in federal resources amid COVID-19.
Also on Mar 13, China's Ministry of Commerce states that China is now the best region for global investment hedging.
On Mar 15, Business Insider reports that Trump tried to poach German scientists working on a coronavirus vaccine and offered cash so it would be exclusive to the US. The problem is the official CureVac (the German company) twitter account, on Mar 16, 2020, tweeted the following:
To make it clear again on coronavirus: CureVac has not received from the US government or related entities an offer before, during and since the Task Force meeting in the White House on March 2. CureVac rejects all allegations from press.
On Mar 16, the fan club of European globalists has published a piece titled, "China and Coronavirus: From Home-Made Disaster to Global Mega-Opportunity." The piece says:
The Chinese method is the only method that has proved successful [in fighting the virus], is a message spread online in China by influencers, including many essentially promoting propaganda. ... it is certainly a message that seems to be resonating with opinion leaders around the world.
On the same day, unlike China that had one epicentre, Wuhan city, the US now overtakes China with most cases reporting multiple epicentres simultaneously.
Also on Mar 16, the US stocks ended sharply lower with the Dow posting its worst point drop in history. But some showed a faint hint of uncertain hope.
On Mar 17, according to an article on Chinese version of Quora, Zhihu, chief Chen Wei and her team with CanSino Biologics officially initiated a Phase-1 clinical trial for COVID-19 vaccine at the Wuhan lab, Hubei China, which Bloomberg News confirmed. — Click HERE, then set its time period as 1 year, and see when the graph has started to move up.
Also on Mar 17, China's state media, China Global TV Network (CGTN), has produced YouTube videos for Middle Eastern audiences to spread the opinion that the US has engineered COVID-19 events.
Also on Mar 17, Al Jazeera reported that the US President has been criticized for repeatedly referring to the coronavirus as the "Chinese Virus" as critics saying Trump is "fueling bigotry."
• China's Xinhua News tweeted "Racism is not the right tool to cover your own incompetence."
• Tucker Carlson asked: "Why would America's media take China's side amid coronavirus pandemic?"
• Also, Mr. Bill Gates: "We should not call this the Chinese virus."
On Mar 19, for the first time, China reports zero local infections.
Also on Mar 19, Al Jazeera published an analysis report, titled "Coronavirus erodes Trump's re-election prospects."
On Mar 22, Bloomberg reports that China's mobile carriers lost 21 million users during this pandemic event. It's said to be the first net decline since starting to report monthly data in 2000.
On Mar 26, EURACTV reports that China cashes in off coronavirus, selling Spain $466 million in supplies. However, Spain returns 9,000 "quick result" test kits to China, because they were deemed substandard. — Especially the sensibility of the test was around 30 percent, when it should be higher than 80 percent.
On Apr 03, Germany and other governments are bolstering corporate defenses to address worries that coronavirus-weakened companies could be easy prey for bargain hunting by China's state owned businesses.
On Apr 05, New York Times says "Trump Again Promotes Use of Unproven Anti-Malaria Drug (hydroxychloroquine)."
On Apr 06, a Democratic State Rep. Karen Whitsett from Detroit credits hydroxychloroquine and President Trump for "saving her in her battle with the coronavirus."
On Apr 07, the US CDC removed the following part from its website.
Although optimal dosing and duration of hydroxychloroquine for treatment of COVID-19 are unknown, some U.S. clinicians have reported anecdotally different hydroxychloroquine dosing such as: 400mg BID on day one, then daily for 5 days; 400 mg BID on day one, then 200mg BID for 4 days; 600 mg BID on day one, then 400mg daily on days 2-5.
☞ If there were ever a time for people not to be partisan and tribal, the time has come: We need to be ever vigilant and attentive to all kinds of disinformation & misinformation to see it better as well as to be sharp in our lives. — We really do need to come together.
☞ At first, I was going to draw up a conspiracy theory-oriented list focused on Team-Z, especially Mr. Gates. However, although it's nothing new tbh, recently many chats and discussions seem overflowing with disinformation & misinformation which is, in my opinion, particularly painful at a time like this. Hence, this post became a vanilla list that's just recorded the notable events. — We all are subject to misinformation, miscalculation, and misjudgment. But the clearer the picture becomes the better we can identify Funkspiel.
Immediate Aftermath pt.2.a
Feasible Timeline of the Operation
☞ Go Back to the Short Story.
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Some Ichimoku Cloud experts around?

I read a lot about Ichimoku and wanted to backtest this strategy:
I need a little help. What I got so far is calculating all the lines, getting the crosses and directions.
But what does "Chikou Span in open space mean"? No other line or the price is below or above (depending on the direction) the chikou span? Wouldn't Step 5: "Price, Tenkan-Sen, Kijun-Sen, and Chikou Span should not be in the Cloud. If they are, it should be a thick Cloud.". contradict the Chikou Span beeing in open space?
About "thick Cloud". Is that the distance between span A and span B?

Thank you!
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FXGM - legitiimi sijoituspalvelu vai huijausta? (pitkä vuodatus)

EDIT: Kiitän kaikkia vastaajia. Poistin suurimman osan postauksen tiedoista anonymiteettisyistä.
Koska joku voi päätyä tähän ketjuun myöhemmin esimerkiksi googlaamalla mielipiteitä tai kokemuksia FXGM:stä, tähän on kuitenkin hyvä sisällyttää mahdollisimman rehellinen näkemys palvelusta.
Jos luet tätä, koska mietit, sijoittaisitko rahojasi FXGM:n kautta, yksinkertainen ohje. Älä helvetissäkään sijoita! FXGM:n "sijoitus"tuote on erittäin spekulatiivinen, korkeariskinen ja täysin soveltumaton aloitteleville sijoittajille, jollaisille FXGM sitä kauppaa ja jollainen todennäköisesti olet, jos päädyit tähän ketjuun googlaamalla.
FXGM myöntää etusivullaan, että 87 % sen asiakkaista häviää rahaa. Toistan. 87 % FXGM:n asiakkaista häviää rahaa.
FXGM:ssä kauppaa käydään hinnanerosopimuksilla (Contract for Difference, CFD). Suosittelen lukemaan ajatuksen kanssa Euroopan arvopaperimarkkinaviranomaisen ESMAn varoituksen niistä. Jos et ole koskaan kuullutkaan CFD-sopimuksista ennen ja mietit, sopisiko sellaisilla treidaaminen sinulle, CFD-kaupankäynti ei varmasti sovi sinulle vaan menetät rahasi.
CFD-tuotteet eivät ole varsinaisesti sijoittamista lainkaan vaan uhkapeliä. CFD-sopimuksessa veikataan, meneekö jokin kurssi (esimerkiksi valuutta- tai osakekurssi) ylös- vai alaspäin ostamatta kyseistä kohde-etuutta (esim. valuuttaa tai osaketta). FXGM ei ole sijoituspalveluyritys vaan kasino.
CFD-sopimuksen voisi tehdä mistä tahansa mitattavissa olevasta suureesta. Voisimme esimerkiksi veikata, onko lämpötila Porissa huomenna klo 15 korkeampi vai matalampi kuin Ilmatieteen laitoksen ennusteessa nyt povataan. Minä maksan välittäjälle 100 € jokaisesta asteesta, jos todellinen lämpötila jää ennusteen alle, ja välittäjä 100 € minulle jokaisesta asteesta, jos lämpötila ylittää ennusteen. Tämäkin on CFD-sopimus, mutta kaikille on selvää, että tämä on vedonlyöntiä. Tällöin myös valuuttakurssiin perustuva CFD on vedonlyöntiä eikä sijoittamista.
Jos kuulostaa typerältä veikkailla, ylittääkö vai alittaako lämpötila ennusteen, on myös typerää veikkailla, meneekö valuuttakurssi ylös vai alas. Kolikonheittoa parempaan tarkkuuteen ei pääse kuin todella vahvalla ymmärryksellä markkinoista, ja on kiistanalaista, pääseekö silloinkaan, vai onko koko homma puhtaasti tuuripeliä. Jos taas nimenomaisesti haluaa pelata onnenpelejä, suosittelen hakemaan jännitystä elämään vaikka Ässä-arvoista. Niissäkin todennäköisesti häviää rahansa, mutta ainakin hävitty raha menee parempaan tarkoitukseen.
Toinen postauksessa alun perin mainittu "forex-treidauspalvelu" FXPM, josta soittelee nimeä Richard "Riku" Hastings käyttävä murtaen suomea puhuva mies, on petosta sanan kaikissa merkityksissä. Jos sinne rahasi uskot, et niitä enää koskaan näe. Pulju on lisätty Finanssivalvonnan varoituslistalle eikä sillä ole toimilupia Suomessa tai missään muussakaan EU-maassa.
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ProximaX Inaugural Meetup in Vietnam!

ProximaX Inaugural Meetup in Vietnam!

The future of blockchain adoption took center stage at a meetup on September 21, 2019 at the Huong Sen Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City. This event, being ProximaX’s first meetup in Vietnam was jointly organized with Ergo, and was attended by close to 100 community members, supporters, investors, and programmers from Vietnam, Japan, and Korea.
The event kicked off with Lon presenting in his usual dynamic style what the ProximaX Sirius development platform is and how it is designed to enable cost-efficient and easy development of applications and solutions across industries and government bodies.
Lon also went on to reveal breakthrough applications recently developed on the Sirius platform, namely the first-ever blockchain-driven mobile wallet for fiat which can be configured for multi-currencies, forex transactions, micro-financing and can even be scaled into a neobank.

ProximaX CEO, Lon Wong, explaining what makes ProximaX Sirius a next-generation blockchain-powered development platform
He also introduced an exchange for securities known as the Distributed Ledger for eXchange (DLX) built on the Sirius platform. DLX is a scalable solution for the issuance and management of multiple types of security such as bonds, unit trusts, and debts.
Lon explained at length the Sirius platform’s soon-to-be-released “Supercontracts” feature, an advanced smart contract that can be written in several programming languages, residing off-chain, and is mutable by consensus.
This was followed by a lively chat moderated by Tomo Huynh, CTO of BitcoinVN. Challenges and key trends in the blockchain industry were discussed with a panel of guest speakers that shared their views with the audience.

Right to left: Moderator Tomo Huynh, CTO of BitcoinVN; Alex Chupurnoy, Developer of Ergo; Lon Wong, CEO of ProximaX; Tuna Nguyen, Director of Business Development of Nami Corporation; and Zani Doan, CSO and Co-Founder of MoonRadius.
The adoption of blockchain, the role of cryptocurrency, and the long-term survivability of blockchain projects dominated the discussions. There was overall consensus amongst the panellists that many blockchain projects will continue to flourish in the short-run, however, only those that are able to sustain long-term adoption will survive.
As part of its commitment to enable blockchain adoption globally, ProximaX will continue to reach out and educate the public at large on the potential benefits of this powerful technology.
For more information, join our enthusiastic community on Telegram at: t.me/Proximax.io
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Jag är en bostadslös svensk höginkomsttagare i Stockholm.

Bakgrund: För en handfull år sedan då jag jobbade i ett framgångsrikt medieföretag beslutade jag mig för att ta tag i en del nödvändigheter för att må bra, det första av dessa psykiatrisk utredning för fullständigt uppenbar ADD och vissa autismdrag (som även utredningen sen visade, år senare). På första mötet med Norra Psykiatri mer eller mindre tvångssjukskrevs jag pga "märkbara stressymptom" och blev lite förvånad, men okej, visst var jag sjukt stressad och rätt deppig. Fine.
Sjukskrivningen i några månader avbröt jag lite tidigt pga total uttråkhet, men chefen hade vid det laget fått lite hjärnspöken och behandlade mig som bomull, som i sin tur blev så stressigt mentalt när jag inte fick lov att ta på mig något ansvar alls, att jag gick med på att återgå i sjukskrivning ett tag.
Väl inne i den fick jag reda på att jag avskedas pga arbetsbrist. Right. Företaget hade nyanställt över 10 personer det året. Men jag orkade inte bråka och min anställning upphörde nästan samma dag sjukskrivningen gick ut.
Dödsstöten var dock Unionens A-kassa. De höll på med byråkratisk polemi i månad efter månad, krävde intyg och avtal och utdrag jag inte ens visste existerade (att jag är skriven i ett handelsbolag sen 90-talet tillsammans med en kompis hjälpte verkligen inte). I nästan SJU månader fick jag ingen ersättning från Försäkringskassan, inte några bidrag (då jag hade rätt till A-kassan) och ingen A-kassa heller.
Eftersom jag hela tiden fick föra att de skulle betala ut så fort jag skickat underlaget de behövde för tillfället, så tog jag ut mindre banklån för att överleva och betala för min bostadsrätt på Kungsholmen. När det inte skedde, och handläggare inte ens kunde nås på veckor i stöten, gick tiden och jag fick ta ett nytt lån. Om och om igen.
Till slut gick det inte ta mer lån från vare sig min bank eller fristående banker som Forex, och jag hade inga utvägar. Jag har heller ingen familj i den här stan, knappt bekanta, då jag är inflyttad från ute i landet. När lånen kopplade till mitt lönekonto inte längre kunde dras från kontot skickades det förvånansvärt fort till Kronofogden.
I panik för att hinna före Kronofogdens handläggning och dels undvika betalningsanmärkning och framför allt undvika att de får för sig att tvångssälja min lägenhet till förlustpris, så ordnade jag mäklare och sålde av min älskade lägenhet som verkligen var sista utvägen (hade redan sålt typ allt jag ägde).
Ocharmigt nog hann jag betala in till Kronis så de fick pengarna ett par veckor efter de tydligen beslutat sig för att sätta upp fodringen på min kredithistoria. Så anmärkningsfanskapet hann jag inte komma undan, men fick tillräckligt i vinst för att betala tillbaka nästan alla banklån osv.
Sedan dess, ett o ett halvt år sen ungefär, har jag inte haft någonstans att bo. I början kunde jag inhysa mig tillsammans med min flickvän hemma hos hennes familj, som av olika anledningar blev helt ohållbart, och har bott på en rad temporära sätt sen dess inklusive några månader på vandrarhem och hotell. Nu närmast i en andrahandslägenhet söder om stan i 3 månader, som är den första andrahands jag hittat på ett helt år som både varit ekonomiskt vettig och inte lurendrejeri..
Det lustiga i soppan är att jag sedan i höstas är tillsvidarenställd i en managementposition med över 40 i lön. Vilket i sin tur verkar fullständigt utesluta mig från någon som helst hjälp från någon samhällsinstans, även om det hela sannolikt kommer ramla ihop som ett korthus då man bara kan upprätthålla energi och humör så länge utan någon trygghet eller egen säng.
Och givetvis är jag i många år helt utfrusen ur nästan samtliga samhällets nödvändigheter på grund av den där jävla anmärkningen, inklusive de uppenbara som att inte kunna låna till en ny bostad igen samt de mindre uppenbara som att jag inte ens får köpa ett trådlöst internetabonnemang, som närmast är överlevnadskritiskt idag, och den riktiga dödsstöten: Man får inte heller lov att skriva på hyresavtal. Till och med privatpersoner som hyr ut i andra hand har för vana att ta en kreditkoll och avfärdar en direkt - spelar ingen roll om man påvisar anställning, lön och lägger depositionshyror.
Jag har pratat med gamla hyresvärdar jag bott hos, privata värdföretag, statliga instanser och det är helt enkelt oväsentligt med allting utöver om man har en anmärkning i ett till övrigt superclean historik både finansiellt och privat där jag tidigare inte varit en enda dag arbetslös sen jag gick ut gymnasiet i slutet på 90-talet.
Jag är svenskare än Kalles kaviar, så jag inte skylla på lite bekväm rasism, och eftergymnasialt välutbildad och generellt i många anseenden en lugn och städad standardperson. Så detta handlar inte om något annat än strukturella problem, vill jag påskina.
Med detta ville jag dels bara skriva av mig, kanske sprida lite insikt till folk hur bostadslöshet kan drabba alla och det inte bara är knarkarna på plattan eller tidningsförsäljarna på tuben som är "såna där hemlösa". Något extremt få svenska medborgare förstår och i min erfarenhet aktivt motarbetar en insikt om, till en sådan grad att jag ofta får höra kaskader av argumentation över varför min situation måste vara helt självinducerad på ena eller andra sättet och att jag, basically, inte finns på riktigt.
Det här är er välfärd, Sverige. Absurditeterna som uppstår i det Kafka-universum mellan kapitalism och socialism, där det inte hjälper oavsett om man har pengar eller inte ifall man inte uppfyller blankettmilitärernas snäva fördomsbilder av en person i behov av assistans. Gärna lite snabbare än alla år jag har kvar att stå i bostadskön innan jag ens kan bli aktuell för något kyffe i Tensta. Och ja, jag har sökt kyffen i Tensta.
Så håll i familjen och vännerna. En vacker dag kan vi alla, på sätt ingen kan förutse, råka ut för saker som snabbt sätter krokben. Mitt problem verkar ha varit att jag försökt alldeles för mycket och hårt på egen hand, istället för att acceptera nederlag och ge upp. Då är jag övertygad om att jag skulle få hjälp förr eller senare. Men jag är inte sugen på att behöva gå ner mig.
Jag vill bara ges möjlighet att få kämpa tillbaks till en trevlig livssituation - utan att aktivt motarbetas av ett samhälle som beter sig som någon med öppna armar av kramiga löften, säkert placerad bakom genomskinligt pansarglas.
Sverige, för helvete bestäm er. Antingen vänstrar vi ihop oss i kollektividealet, varpå jag kan tilldelas ett vettigt boende, eller så slår vi in på högerdjungelns lag och tillåter mig att använda mina medel för att köpa eller hyra en dylik. Det kan för sablars skull inte vacklas i mitten där inget alternativ ges, i all evighet.
Tro fan att vi har svårt med integrationen i det här samhället när inte ens jag lyckas integrera tillbaka mig utan att ens ha åkt utanför tullarna, än mindre till Syren och tillbaka.
Men jag klarar mig i slutändan, det har jag gjort hittills och lär fortsätta göra. Men bara för att jag har den sagolika turen att dels fötts begåvad och med intressen som gjort mig attraktiv på arbetsmarknaden, dels fötts i kritvit hud med ett oerhört välbekant svenskt standardnamn. Det ger mig åtminstone ofta en möjlighet att med egen styrka och initiativ förbättra livet, och faktiskt bli inbjuden till arbetsintervju någon gång emellanåt när det behövs. Fått chansen åtminstone.
Fan vet hur det skulle gått om jag haft nitlotten att födas i ett släktträd med sitt urpsprung lite längre bort än Birka och Bornholm. Med nån konstig stavning i namnet. Eller gud förbjude icke-sprayad mörk hud.
Er Åsa-Nisse-ilska ska inte riktas mot invandrarpolitikens brist på konsekvenstänk, inte heller mot ovilliga och ovälkomna invandrare. Rikta förbannade nävar mot er själva som vägrar ta ställning, i någonting alls. Så vi hamnar åter igen i händerna på en förvirrad ursäkt till riksdag där ingen har mandat för något och alla tävlar om att säga samma sak på olika sätt.
På så vis skapar man ett samhälle där en vit vuxen man med bra inkomst inte tillåts bo någonstans, i samma ögonblick som hatiska blickar riktas mot alla med evigt omöjligare utgångsläge med beskyllningar att de minsann inte integrerar sig.
Gå och integrera er själva istället, i resten av världen och resten av mänskligheten. För alla de här ankdammsproblemen går i grunden inte lösa någon annstans än på planetär skala.
Det finns inget "folkhem" att bevara. Inte heller finns det särskilt mycket "muslimitet" att införa. Allt som finns är viljan hur man vill leva sitt liv, och så länge det ingår i den viljan att samtidigt förvägra någon annan att inte få välja så har ett misstag begåtts i hjärnan. Felkompilerad kod har körts. Gör om, tänk om, läs om, tills insikten ges att frihet och mäsklighet inte är partipolitiska eller religionsbaserade.
Tills dess kånkar jag väl runt på min rullvagn och väska från soffa till hotellrum och tillbaka tills jag anses vara värdig medborgare igen. Men jag vet åtminstone att den dagen kommer.
Detta stärker inte SD.
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101 full forms and abbreviations to expand your knowledge

We are here with another blog to expand your knowledge regarding these full forms and abbreviations.
In the era of digital media, using abbreviations throughout the day has become part of our routine. Whether it’s OK, IG, DM, RT or any other abbreviations.
So, in this blog, we thought to inform you about some more full forms and abbreviations which are beyond social media. Full forms that you should definitely know and lock in your mind.

Here is the list of 101 full forms and abbreviations –

1) Time Zone Full-forms –

  1. ISTIndia Standard Time
  2. GMTGreenwich Mean Time
  3. AM / PMAnte Meridian / Post Meridian
  4. AD / BCAnno Domini / Before Christ
  5. CE / BCECommon Era / Before Common Era

2) Business terms Full-forms –

  1. SENSEXSensitive Index
  2. NSE / BSENational Stock Exchange / Bombay Stock Exchange
  3. NIFTYNational Stock Exchange Fifty
  4. FOREXForeign Exchange
  5. IPOInitial Public Offering
  6. B2BBusiness to Business
  7. B2CBusiness to Consumer
  8. CTCCost To Company
  9. CEOChief Executive Officer
  10. BPOBusiness Process Outsourcing
  11. CFOChief Financial Officer

3) Electronics and Internet Media –

  1. COMPUTERCommon Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research
  2. CCTVClosed-Circuit Television
  3. Wi-FiWireless Fidelity
  4. ModemModulator-Demodulator
  5. VPNVirtual Private Network
  6. JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
  7. GIFGraphics Interchange Format
  8. PDFPortable Document Format
  9. InternetInterconnected Network
  10. LASERLight Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
  11. CRTCathode Ray Tube
  12. RADARRadio Detection And Ranging
  13. INTELIntegrated Electronics
  14. USBUniversal Serial Bus
  15. UPSUninterruptible­ Power Supply
  16. LEDLight Emitting Diode

4) Mobile Terms Full-forms –

  1. GPSGlobal Positioning System
  2. GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communications
  3. GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service
  4. EDGEEnhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution
  5. VOLTEVoice Over Long-Term Evolution
  6. STDSubscriber Trunk Dialling / Subscriber Toll Dialling
  7. ISDInternational Subscriber Dialling
  8. SMSShort Message Service
  9. SIMSubscriber Identity Module
  10. IMEIInternational Mobile Equipment Identity
  11. OTGOn-The-Go
  12. AMOLEDActive-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode

5) Famous Ventures –

  1. KFCKentucky Fried Chicken
  2. AdidasAdolf Dassler
  3. MRFMadras Rubber Factory
  4. BMWBavarian Motor Works
  5. FIATFabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino
  6. TVSThirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundaram (Vehicle Company)
  7. JCBJoseph Cyril Bamford
  8. ESPNEntertainment and Sports Programming Networks
  9. MDHMahashian Di Hatti (Spices Company)
  10. AMULAnand Milk Union Limited
  11. PVRPriya Village Roadshow
  12. LGLucky-Goldstar
  13. HPHewlett-Packard
  14. LenovoLegend novo (new)

To know more such full forms and their abbreviations, please check out our blog - 101 full forms and abbreviations to expand your knowledge
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Andanar's and Ablan's ~~brain farts~~ speeches in London

Salamat the thread: https://twitter.com/JRDCastillo24
Andanar claims many families of OFWs become dysfunctional due to drugs.
Andanar claims that the govt spoke w/ 150 OFWs in Dubai who were maltreated by their employers. Dubai OFWs earn up to 1500 dirhams only.
Andanar: Most of you here in the UK are from middle class families. He said OFWs in London are lucky and have better wages.
  • ...
Andanar enumerated the latest SWS&PulseAsia surveys and said that Duterte is supported by a great majority of the Filipinos.
  • The SWS Survey showed a drastic drop in both approval and trust ratings for the president.
Andanar calls @TrillanesSonny & @SenLeiladeLima as “maiingay”. He asked: Bakit hindi nakukulong si Trillanes? Crowd erupts in laughter. Andanar claims that Trillanes is not in jail because Duterte respects his freedom of speech.
Andanar: Kung maingay si Trillanes, mas mag-ingay din tayo. Kung ginagago ni Trillanes ang pangulo, gaguhin din natin siya.
Andanar talked about planned destabilisation against the Duterte government and cited EDSA 1 & 2 as examples of destabilisation. Martin Andanar, head of the PCOO, calls EDSA 1 & 2 as destabilisation.
  • Uh. Ano daw ulit sinabi niya? Did he forget that EDSA 1 gave rise to Duterte in politics?
Andanar: Kaya nga kayo nag-Brexit di ba dahil wala na kayong tiwala sa EU? Hindi kami nakikialam sa EU, bakit sila nakikialam sa atin?
Andanar to EU: Bahala na sila sa buhay nila. Mag-iyot na lang sila. Crowd laughs and chants “Duterte! Duterte!”.
  • Pag kabastusan, si Duterte agad ang tinatawag. Bakit kaya?
Andanar: Napakagaling ng ating pangulo. Siya lang ang pangulo sa SEA ang naka-talo sa ISIS in 140+ days. Andanar claims that Duterte managed to defeat “ISIS & Maute” even though the terrorists were supported by ISIS in the middle east.
  • Thank you brave men and women of the AFP. Duterte didn't fire a single shot towards the Maute. And is in fact on record telling the Maute to burn Marawi
Andanar: Yung mga maiingay na pala-iyot, ang problema sa kanila hanggang ingay lang. Wala naman silang napatunayan.
  • ...
Andanar: Yung mga Prime Ministers and Presidents of other countries are all supportive of President Duterte.
  • Teka, diba galit kayo sa EU kasi nakikialam?
  • READ: Other countries = China.
Andanar: Yung mga nasa baba lang ang maiingay dahil nga kulang sila sa iyot.
  • ...
Andanar enumerates all SEA countries and said that all those countries have no complains about President Duterte.
Andanar: Donald Trump believes in President Duterte.
Andanar: Agrabyado tayo sa Western media. Wala tayong pera. Ayaw gumastos ni presidente sa PR.
Martin Andanar thanks Malcolm Conlan, an ambulance crew in the UK, for his support of President Duterte.
  • Libre yan, hindi katulad ke sass. Pero akala ko ba ayaw niyo ng may foreigner na nakikialam?
Andanar on @TrillanesSonny: Panahon pa ni Gloria, inaway niya. Inaway nyasi Angie Reyes. Walang nirerespeto si Trillanes.Aabutin din ng karma si @TrillanesSonny. Kakarmahin din yan. Yung kanyang bunganga, hindi talaga mapigilan.
  • Wag pahalata Andanar.
Andanar said the government is doing its best to reform the country for the betterment of all.
Andanar: Kapag mga dilaw at si tita Cory ang nag-RevGov, ok lang. Kapag ang gobyerno ngayon ang mag-RevGov, ayaw nila. Double Standards.
  • Wag tanga Andanar. The RevGov under Cory was a necessity, designed to bring the Philippines back to democracy after Marcos's Martial Law. Ilalagay mo ang powers na yan kay Duterte? Magisa ka.
Andanar claims that a lot of the problems the government is solving now like the MRT and Yolanda housing were made by the previous admin.
  • Which Duterte said was EASY TO SOLVE, tapang at malasakit (political will) lang ang kelangan.
Andanar claims P800k was used to build Yolanda houses while the current government spent only P200k for Marawi temporary housing.
Andanar: Mismanagement like Yolanda will not happen under this government.
  • So how is Duterte managing the War on Drugs? the MRT?
Andanar: 3k deaths are from legit police ops. 10k deaths, halo-halo na yan.
  • ...
Andanar: Bine-brainwash tayong lahat ng media sa ating paligid. They don’t want to believe the PNP. They have a different agenda.
Andanar: Media is turning a blind eye on the truth.They simply don’t like Du30. Liberal-left don’t want him, maybe they’re hiding something.
  • Ang daming tao ang "don't like Duterte." Natanong mo na ba sa self mo bakit?
Andanar hits Human rights groups. He claims they’re more concerned with the human rights of Maute and Hapilon.
  • ...
Andanar: Duterte doesn’t like legalisation of drugs. He doesn’t want the country to go to the dogs.
Andanar: Itong Human Rights, ayaw ipaglaban ang human rights ng mga pulis at sundalo. May kinikilingan ang human rights.
  • ...
Now it's Kris Ablan's turn.
Kris Ablan: Get your facts/news from PNA, PIA and PTV.
  • Diosko Lei, please reangle this!
Kris Ablan: @nytimes didn’t publish our point by point responses to the negative articles they wrote about President Duterte.
  • Maybe it's because the NYT doesn't publish lies? Baka lang ha, di ko sure.
Kris Ablan said that Press Attaches will be reactivated in London, US, Singapore and Middle East once they get the budget.
  • Fire Mocha and Badoy, para mas maraming ma-reactivate na press attaches.
Kris Ablan said that the govt is doing consultations across the country about federalism but the media isn’t reporting it comprehensively.
  • Kasi wala naman. Bakit di kayo magreport, di ba, PNA, PIA, and PTV. hahahaha Kahit state controlled walang reports di ba? Edi wala.
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6 sedlar som är märkta, vad gör man med dom? (Seriös)

Jag var i Sydamerika för några år sedan och fick då ut 14 st 10-dollarsedlar med sån där UV-färg ur en bankomat där. Japp, ur en jävla bankomat. Skön kontinent det där...
Forex hemma i Sverige vägrade ta emot pengarna (inte helt förvånande), det var även dom som informerade om färgstänket, och pengarna har legat i byrålådan med annat skräp sen dess. Men jag funderar på att försöka göra nåt vettigt av pengarna, är det möjligt att få ut någonting av dessa eller får dom helt enkelt sluta sin karriär som tändpapper i brasan?
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rumpade converso pathophysiological oligarchic minchiate antiputrefactive coulter

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adimonium postexistency pennyworths rimpling stresses byrl lichenologica l trimetalism underdunged semilatent diskery
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Onko FXGM luotettavaa ja vakaa yritys forex-välittäjänä?

Olen ollut FXGM:n tyytyväinen asiakas jo muutaman vuoden ja tehnyt forex-kauppaa heidän kauttaan varsin hyvällä menestyksellä. Rahan siirto on toiminut molempiin suuntiin moitteetta ja nopeasti ilman mitään sivukuluja ja yleensäkin palkkiot sekä muut kulut ilmoitetaan etukäteen selvästi eikä niiden määrästä ole ollut koskaan mitään valittamista. Jos on tullut epävarmuutta jostain, niin asiakaspalvelu on vastannut nopeasti ja se on auki ympäri vuorokauden kuutena päivänä viikossa. Samoin siellä on käytössä henkilökohtainen tilinhoitaja sekä tuki ohjelmien käyttöön ja asennukseen.
Aluksi olin itsekin epäileväinen netistä löytyvästä meklarista, mutta otin tietenkin selvää yrityksen toiminnasta ja luvista ennen ensimäistä sijoitustani.
FXGM.com sivusto ei ole koskaan nykinyt tai ollut nurin, joten kauppaa olen voinut käydä ihan rauhassa aina silloin, kun huvittaa ja vaikkapa kännykässä toimivalla appsilla. Se on todella hyvä etu vähän enemmän kursseja seuraavalle tyypille ja itse olen tehnyt monesti hyviä diilejä lyhyessä ajassa sen ansiosta.
Suosittelen kokeilemaan tätä firmaa ja varsinkin uusien asiakkaiden pääomasuojan takia, jonka turvin voi olla aluksi huoletta, jos vaikka innoissaan menisi mokaamaan jotain.
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Akademi Seni Forex - YouTube Kijun Sen Candles Two Colors – indicator for MetaTrader 4 FULL MARGIN ACCOUNT FOREX Japanese Forex Trader Kei - YouTube Forex...sen každého človeka(podnikanie, business) - YouTube Kijun sen + Envelope – indicator for MetaTrader 4 Advanced Ichimoku Trading Strategy for Forex Trading ... KIJUN SEN - VERTEX FX INDICATOR

Es gibt viele gute Gründe Spanisch bei Enforex zu lernen: Alle Sprachschulen befinden sich im Zentrum der schönsten Städte Spaniens (z.B. Sprachschule Madrid, Sprachschule Barcelona, Sprachschule Salamanca, Sprachschule Granada und Sprachschule Marbella).Diese sind mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln leicht erreichbar. Silver-sen is a Metatrader 4 (MT4) Anzeige und die Essenz der Forex Indikator ist um das angesammelte Geschichte Daten zu transformieren. Silver-sen provides for an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye. In diesem Beitrag wenden wir die Ichimoku-Handelsstrategie im Forex Daytrading an. Um mit Ichimoku zu handeln, müssen wir etwas Japanisch lernen. Tenkan Sen (Wendelinie): Durchschnitt des höchsten Hochs und des tiefsten Tiefs der letzten 9 Zeitperioden Kijun Sen (Standardlinie): Durchschnitt des höchsten Hochs und des tiefsten Tiefs der letzten 26 Zeitperioden Chikou Span (verzögerte Linie ... 1870 wurden in Japan die Münzen eingeführt. Es gab sowohl Silbermünzen zu 5, 10, 20, 50 Sen und 1 Yen, wie auch Goldmünzen in den Ausführungen 2, 5, 10 und 20 Yen. Die goldene 1-Yen-Münze kam 1871 in Umlauf. 1873 wurden auch Kupfermünzen im Wert von 1 Rin, ½, 1 und 2 Sen ausgegeben. 1889 folgte die Kupfernickelmünze zu 5 Sen. 1897 wurde die silberne 1-Yen-Münze aus dem Umlauf ... Kijun-sen ist ein Metatrader 4 (MT4) Anzeige und die Essenz der Forex Indikator ist um das angesammelte Geschichte Daten zu transformieren. Kijun-sen bietet die Möglichkeit, verschiedene Besonderheiten und Muster in der Preisdynamik zu erkennen, die mit bloßem Auge unsichtbar sind. Lernen Sie die spanische Sprache mit unseren Kursen und Programmen in Spanien und Lateinamerika. Lernen Sie Spanisch und genießen Sie die lokale Kultur. RSI Kijun-sen Forex Trading System And Strategy. Hopefully I will have more to submit in the future. My main purpose is to help other newbies (like myself) find their path in the FX world!! So, with that being said i would like to present to you…”Next Stop”! I’m looking forward to hearing your comments!! 🙂 Indicators: Kijun-sen (52, shift 3) Tenkan-sen (9, shift 0) Daily Chart Only ...

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Akademi Seni Forex - YouTube

Advanced Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Trading Strategy for Forex Trading (Advanced-Beginner) Brought to you by Forex Lens - Your Eye into the Markets! Subscribe to our... I've always thought the Forex vs Stocks question was a dumb one. You can do both if you have a real edge in both markets. But you need to be aware of the mai... LIVE Forex Trading - NY Session 28th May 2020 WicksDontLie 1,879 watching Live now The Secret Code Of Successful MACD Trading (Strategies Included) - Duration: 11:31. Kepada yang baru nak trade forex boleh buka account sen forex, sebab boleh membantu korang untuk merasa real trading nie macam mana. kalau korang suka dengan video nie , jangan lupa like and ... We aim to be a place where every forex traders can gain free resources about trading. -About-Kijun Sen Candles Two Colors – indicator for MetaTrader 4 Forex Strategies Forex Indicators Forex Systems Akademi Seni Forex - Belajar Trading Forex daripada ZERO hingga ke ADVANCE. Ikuti perkembangan pembelajaran Trading Forex daripada Faliq Hazwan dan Farhad Kh... This is the third of the Ichimoku series of videos. In this video, we discuss the Kijun Sen indicator. The Kijun Sen represents medium term price action. If ... Forex trading is my life and it's been helping me to be free from world's struggles. Hello, it's Kei! I was born in Japan 1982 and went abroad after high sch... Ahojte ponúkam vám business z domu. Všetci vieme že vo svete je tato zlá situácia. Chcem ľudom ukázať že stačí málo k tomu aby boli úspešní. IG:@_dar1vi napí... KIJUN Sen indicator is a simplistic yet powerful VertexFX client-side indicator script that provides a good estimation of the trend. It is derived from the Japanese candlestick concepts and theory.